All Uttaranchal Information Technology Association® was formed in October 2001 and being registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860, with the Executive Body of eight Members headed by Lt. Gen. [Retd] V. K.Sharma, AVSM, as a President and Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Mr Bhagat Singh Koshiyari as Chief Patron of the Association. Since its formation, AUITA has undergone some additions and changes in its Aims and Objectives and Bye Laws. In the last executive meeting it was decided to have the following Aims and Objectives draft for its approval.:-

• Encourage spread IT awareness.

• Exchange ideas and thoughts for a better tomorrow.

• Protect the interests and rights of the members and IT Industry.

• To organize experts' seminars from time to time.

• Negotiate with the statutory authorities collectively.

• To provide strong platform for IT professional, academicians and concerned IT people to enhance their potential.

• To organize syllabuses on the subject of Information Technology, campus seminars of experts, job-oriented best and quality computer education.

• To provide a forum and facilities for the exchange of information and experience.

• To promote development of IT enable services.

• To cooperate and collaborate with other institutions having similar objectives.

• To function as a representative union for all the computer centers,IT professionals,IT enable service provider companies and individuals, freelancers of IT Software and service industry,IT Enabled/BPO services and students to solve their problems and to struggle for their bonafide rights.

• To maintain close interaction with the Government of Uttarakhand in formulating IT policies with specific focus on IT software and services.

• Encourage members to provide world-class quality products, services and solutions in Uttarakhand.

• To extend co-operation in taking effective steps to campaign against software piracy.

• To actively participate in various programmes, policies and projects of the central and state governments as a representative.

• To make publicity of the IT policy and agendas of the government and to spread over the computer literacy through out the Uttarakhand in urban and through out the Uttarakhand in urban and rural Social Activities.

Area of Operation : Worldwide.

Registered Office : MBC, 3 Cross Road, DehraDun, Uttarakhand.

What is the criteria for becoming a General Member of AUITA?

Any IT Enthusiast over 18 Years Old.
All computer literate citizens of the state worldwide or
Presently serving / living in Uttarakhand.

Is AUITA also a venture/investment organization?

No. AUITA is not a venture/investment organization. However, its members, through their network relationships, may invest in those companies, which have interactive relationships with our association. All such companies are likely to be presented at the seminars and events organized by AUITA.

Does AUITA have only religious or political agendas or objectives?

No. AUITA doe not engage in political or religious activities, which tend to divide people. It is an inclusive organization for the benefit of all entrepreneurs who subscribe to its guiding principles and objectives.

Is AUITA membership limited to people of only Dehradun origin?

No. In fact, AUITA welcomes all government and private entrepreneurs of the state to join its membership and activities. The membership concept envisages the inclusion and participation of all computer literate citizens of the state worldwide as AUITA enrolled members, in the building of a dynamic and progressive state of Uttarakhand.

How will AUITA help the Uttarakhand region?

By making the people of the region aware of the multi disciplinary advantages of information technology and its related benefits in the fields of education, efficient and just governance business entrepreneurship, interactive up gradation of technology and the advent of prosperity through the introduction of IT culture in the state. We believe that in the near future, AUITA will become a catalyst in the new economic growth of the Uttarakhand region.

How will AUITA help its members?

By organizing periodic workshops, conferences and seminars at the regional and state level, to encourage participants to exhibit their products and ideas and to upgrade their technology through interactive sessions. To assist its members in interacting with major IT companies, and government agencies in the promotion of viable IT projects and innovative schemes. It will also act as a nodal agency for its members in taking up their just complaints with respect to all IT related issues, with the concerned authorities and assist them in all possible manners in their resolution.

Are there any other areas in which AUITA will play a meaningful role?

Yes. The association will also assist the state government where required, in the meaningful role as a watchdog, in the correct implementation of the finalized policy and seek corrective measures wherever required.

What are the long-term goals of AUITA?

It aspires to become the nodal non-government IT agency in the state, to spread IT culture and awareness, to help promote prosperity and progress through IT related actions and practices. We have a vision of the future, in which AUITA chapters will be created in each district to further our objectives and emphasize, encourage and support our entrepreneur members, who subscribe to its values. AUITA also strives to be a catalyst in the formulation of IT related economic policies of quality competitiveness in the state of Uttarakhand.

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